Hawkwind's Dandylion Ridge

Barn Name: Dandy
Height: Immature
Color: Gray-Dun
Foaled July 15, 2007
Sire: Bobalouie
Dam Feather Ridge's Daisy


Dandy is a sweet heart, he can be a little shy at first around strangers but quickly warms up to them and then wants loving and attention, we never see any shyness in him, he is constantly planting himself in our path to assure extra attention and bum itches. This little guy is very square and stocky, he has a wide chest and tremendous width between his hind legs, huge ears complimenting a strong head, great good bone, and a straight short back. Dandy and Tonka have been together since Tonka was a couple of hours old. Their mothers are inseparable best friends who shared a large foaling stall at night while raising the boys. These boys were sold last spring to a very loving family from northern Michigan. Unfortunately their new family found themselves in a position where they just did not have any time to spend with Dandy and Tonka. I purchased the boys back and have brought them home to look for a new family. These two thrive on playing together and will provide someone with hours of entertainment. They have been gelded and are current on hoofcare, worming, and vaccinations. Congrats to the Baxter Family on purchasing Dandy and Tonka. Thank you for giving these boys a wonderful home.

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