TTW Wrangler

Barn Name: Wrangler
Height: 20" at 1 day
Color: ?????
Foaled August 8, 2010
Sire: Short Assets Cowboy
Dam Arrow Creek Bunny


Bunny produces phenomenal foals which is why we were thrilled to add her to our herd and this little guy is no exception.  He has two full brothers TTW Kalamazoo is a black/white spot that is a herd sire at Rearview Acres and his other full brother is TTW Black Bear who is a herd sire in California.  Wrangler has an extremely wide chest and the width carries through to his rump, he has excellent feet and legs, dark eye liner around both eyes, a tiny little head, and a beautiful spot pattern.  This little guy is a definite herd sire candidate and one that we have considered retaining for our herd.   We have priced him at $1,200.


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