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Miniature Donkeys For Sale

Hawkwinds Savannah
Brown Jennet
July 1, 2016
Sire: Hawkwinds Bold Ruler
  30 1/2" Dark Spotted
Dam: Someday's Sierra
  31 1/4" Brown Jennet
For Sale
Frontier Legends Zerelda
34 7/8" Brown
March 28, 2006
Sire: Willow Creek Luigi
  31.75” Dark brown
Dam: Tex*Ass What a Woman
  32” Dark Brown *NLP
Heiken's Ark Malina K
Brown/White Spotted
August 20, 2010
Sire: Heiken’s Ark Kaleb S
  31 1/2" Dark Brown
Dam: Heiken's Ark Mallory LD
  31 1/2" Gray-Dun *MSF
Hawkwinds Genuine Tinder
Gray Jennet
October 1, 2016
Sire: MGF NItro
Dam: Hawkwinds Geniune Risk
For Sale
Hawkwinds Amya
Dark Brown/Black W/Cross NLP Jennet
April , 2016
Sire: Frontier Legends Sam Bass
  Black NLP
Dam: Frontier Legends Zerelda
  34 7/8" Brown
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