Heiken Ark Magee D

Barn Name: Magee
Height: 31 1/4"
Color: Gray/White Spotted
Foaled: July 21, 2006
Sire: Heiken Ark Dandy
Dam: Kims Crazy Kritters Maggie


I’ve always admired the donkeys that Heiken Ark Dandy produces and Magee is no exception.  Magee has a straight top line, one of the nicest heads I’ve seen on a miniature donkey along with having a gorgeous flowing trot.  When we visited Kathy and Dick we walked out to one of the jack pens and Magee instantly caught my daughters and my attention as he floated across the ground with his gorgeous head held high.  Magee is not an aggressive breeding jack, I don’t believe he would do well turned out in a large herd of jennets.  I’ve put one or two jennets in with him at a time and he has had no problems settling them.  We had not planned on purchasing two jacks but I really liked how this little guy moved and had a couple of jennets that I wished to breed him to.

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