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May 4, 2017

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  • October 2th - Liberty x Nitro - Ember
  • October 1th - Risky x Nitro - Tinder
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    2017 Jennets Due:

Welcome to Hawkwinds Farm, where our goal is to breed the miniature donkey who will leave hoofprints on your heart. Located in the midst of southwestern Michigan's rolling hills and grape vineyards, our small farm is home to over twenty miniature donkeys.

Character is what brought us into miniature donkeys. Conformation and disposition is what we strive to perfect through our breeding program. Attention to detail is the foundation of this program. From the legends of the past come the future. While we pay close attention to the names showing up in the pedigree, our jacks and jennets are also selected against strict standards of beauty, functional conformation, intelligence and kindness. Using these standards, we are consistently producing foals displaying correct conformation, a willingness to learn, and a desire to interact with their human friends. These babies are steeped in unlimited potential to be your next show champion or your new best friend.

I’m often asked- "Why miniature donkeys?"

It's their character.

Each one has its own distinct personality. Some are amazingly wise. Some are wonderfully playful, providing countless moments of laughter as they use their comical antics to capture your attention. Miniature donkeys have an incredible social structure and are addictively interesting to watch as they interact with each other. They can enrich your life in so many ways.

These days, most of our lives are hectic - filled with demands from so many angles, being pulled by worries and duties from every direction. Nothing can relax me like spending time with our donkeys. In their presence, the stresses of life melt away and I am rejuvenated by the simple joy of interacting with animals that want nothing more than my love and attention. One of my favorite “me” times is spent sitting in our pastures, among the donkeys, camera in hand capturing the many special moments that define their unique characters. I can, and do, spend hours with them. To truly understand how these little ones will grab your heart, you will have to own one. Come and spend some time with us and you'll see how these little donkeys will draw you into their world.

Our love affair with the miniature donkey began when we rescued a miniature jennet.  At the time we had purchased a miniature horse for my daughter Morgan to spend time with as I worked with our big horses.  Little did I know that it would be the little rescue jennet that would win both of our hearts.   I watched this terrified creature transform into the perfect companion for my daughter. They spent hours taking walks, grooming, and just hanging out which allowed me the time to work with our large horses. My life prior to the introduction of the miniature donkey involved raising and showing American Paint and Quarter horses in halter. I’ve drawn on my knowledge of the correct functional type, conformation and balance of the larger equines to assemble our herd of miniature donkeys. I demand the same traits idealized in their larger counterparts to be present in these little equines. Such traits include fluid movement, balance, and correct overall anatomical structure.

Now, with the farm introduction fulfilled, why don't you kick back, relax and enjoy the pictures and stories of our wonderful jacks, jennets, and their offspring as you wander the paths of our web site. Similar to any farm, this web site will continually be a work in progress as we will always be adding and updating with current news, new arrivals and more recent photographs. So- please excuse any construction on the site, 'step over those boards' when they are in the way and check back often to see what's been added. Thank you for taking your time to view the web site. My wish is that you enjoy your visit and that it touches you in some small way. I hope that you will be blessed with the friendship and love of a miniature donkey.

Please contact us if you have any questions, want to be notified of new arrivals or for sale animals by email, or would like to schedule a farm visit to meet some of these wonderful creatures for yourself.

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